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Dear friends,

Management and service crew support is a big part of our work load.

To make your rallying easier its easy way to take professional persons around you.

Best regards,

Tapio Laukkanen


VW Polo R5, Skoda R5, Evo X R4, Porsche 911



 2016 Laukkanen became first ever non Kenyan to win Kenyan National rally championship title !

Well done Multiple Racing Team !!

KNRC News !

Two more rounds to go !

Laukkanen has won last 3 rounds.

Leading the championship at this moment, possibility to secure the title on next round begin of November if everything goes according to plan !

2016 Season opener Kajiado rally ! Kenyan national rally championship 

Multiple Racing Team started season extremely well, Laukkanen won the event and fellow team mate Manvir Baryan in his Fiesta R5 finished 5th overall !

Welldone MRT !

Last round of KNRC ! Excellent finish for the season. Laukkanen won the Guru Nanak and Manvir Baryan 4th overall in his Fiesta R5 !!!

Interesting test with newcomer Aki Sahila Citroen C2R2

KNRC 7 Disappointing weekend for MRT both cars out of rally on SS 2 due to suspension failure

KNRC 6 Machakos, once again Laukkanen first and good finish for MRT M.Baryan as well.

Historic Opel Ascona test woth J. Kojo .. brilliant fun

WRC Finland test with fellow Will Hudson USA

KNRC 5 Eldoret:Both MRT cars got to te finish! Laukkanen overall winner!

2 Ugandan test sessions done with DRT Desh and Rauf Adam Essa

KNRC 4 in Voi, both MRT cars finished the rally but not kind of results we were aiming.

Laukkanen had gearbox failure on very first stage loosing over 6 mins, Baryan was strugling his Fiesta engine overheating issues due to been first on a road. Stages were covered in long grass/hay.

MRT didn't take part of KNRC 3, we spend 2 days of testing for future events in R5 and R4 Subaru

2015 Safari was a bit unlucky event for MRT, Laukkanen retired on last day after having confortable lead from the start!

At least other MRT car driven by M.Baryan got to the finish in 6th overall !

Nice 2 days of testing with K.Patel & R.Bharij Kenya

Now it's official !

Multiple racing team running 2 cars in Kenyan rally championship this season!

Ford Fiesta R5 Manvir S. Baryan / Drew Sturrock

Subaru Impreza R4 Tapio Laukkanen / Pasi Törmä

Laukkanen/Törmä won opening KNRC round in Kisumu !




Colourful season start, lot's of different drivers & cars!

ERC rally Liepaja Latvia with Orsak rallysport Skoda S2000!

Test sessions with J.Kojo Citroen DS3, Tade Lario Peugeot 208 R2.

Kenyan season has started as well, our first test in new Fiesta R5 from M-Sport.

Driven by Manvir Baryan.

J.Orsak preperation before ERC round in Latvia.




Fully service support for Multiple racing team participating full Kenyan Rally Championship rounds!

Management / training support for Kibos team! We will be taking part of African Rally Championship.

Aleksey Ostanin will be under my wings on upcoming rallies in Baltic countries.

Bacau rally team driver Adrian Raspopa. Fully coaching support for Romanian rally championship!

- J. Chatthe Team Kibos continued winning in KNRC

- Results we have been working for TEAM KIBOS first win in ARC Tanzania!! 

- Test and Viru rally with A. Ostanin followed by another 2 days test in Latvia

- Toksport Mini RRC test with fellow Yagiz Avci before first gravel round of the season

- Test session in Finaland with Joose Kojo DS3

- Team Kibos: Our training starting to pay off, second overall in Zambia

- Adi Raspopa showing again winning way in Romania

- First gravel test in Latvia with A.Ostanin, Evo X worked well and now its time to start our fully planned season!

- ARC round 2 in South Africa was a lot better than first one! Team Kibos scored 3rd highest ARC points. Now we are heading to Zambia to get even better results.


- I have to say " brilliant start for the season with A.Raspopa " class win at opening round of Romanian championship! Well done Adrian!

- First round of ARC ended before we were getting use to the +45 degrees temperature.

" driver error on stage 3, game over! At least we were leading the rally at that point " 

- Another interesting test session with Max Vatanen who will put a lot of effort to get an experience participating WRC rounds as a DMACK Fiesta Trophy driver. 

- Season started testing on snow with difference drivers in Finland

Group N cars and R5 Fiesta's

Recent activities 2013


2013 management & service support Multiple Racing team Kenya

2013 personal trainer for Arman Smailov Kazakhstan


15.11-3.12 Classic Safari service support MRT Porsche 911

3-8.10 Guru Nanak rally MRT Kenya, Porsche 911 test

18-22.9 Test Team Kibos J. Chatthe Kenya

9-15.9 Bacau Rally A. Raspopa Romania

7.9 Test G.Berezkin

8-11.9 CRO Lahti historic rally

1-3.8 Neste Rally Finland Bertelli

28.7 NORF test Bertelli, Hänninen, Barrable

12-13.7 FRC Kouvola V.Gryazin & G.Berezkin

9-10.7 Neste rally test V.Gryazin Fiesta S2000

26-30.6 Test session R.Rai Kenya Evo X

20-23.6 DMack Carlisle stages rally T.Laukkanen 

16-18.6 WRC Sardinia test A.Alkuwari RRC Fiesta

13.6 Test M.Eestilä Mini V1600

26.5-2.6 WRC Greece A.Smailov

23.5 Test M.Eestilä Finland

16-19.5 BRT test in Romania A.Raspopa

10-12.5 ASRT rally Tallinn with A.Ostanin

2-5.5 ASRT test in Latvia A.Ostanin

20-28.4 MRT test in Kenya

7-15.4 WRC Portugal A.Smailov

25-31.3 Tarmac test in Italy A.Smailov

22-23.3 Group B Audi test in Sweden

14-15.3 Training with G.Brianti Monaco

8-9.3 FRC Joensuu V.Gryazin & G.Berezkin 

7.3   Test session Vasily Gryazin Latvia

21.2 Test session P.Vihma Finland

14.2 Test session Tushkanova,Vihma,Hämäläinen,Korhonen

11-12.2 Test session G.Berezkin Russia

5-10.2 WRC Sweden A.Smailov Kazakhstan

2.2 Test day Arman Smailov Kazakhstan

31.1-1.2 Testing G. Berezkin Russia

23-28.1 Management support MRT M. Baryan Kenya

23-28.1 Service support CRS racing Kenya

18-19.1 Rally training M. Koch Germany

13-29.1 Subaru R4 modification/service support for KNRC 1 Manvir S Baryan Kenya 

2-5.1 TMR training sesson with Martins & Salvi Portugal


Season 2012 management & service support for Multiple Racing Team ( Manvir S Baryan ) Kenya

Season 2012 personal trainer for Arman Smailov Kazakhstan


14-19.11 KCB Guru Nanak rally Kenya

10-14.10  Saaremaa rally with Arman Smailov Kazakhstan

2-5.10     Rally training with Lucio Alvarez Argentina

15.9        Last Finninsh championship round

12.9        Test with Arman Smailov

17-18.8   Finnish champ. rally Arman Smailov

14.8       Test session with Arman Smailov Kazakhstan

29.07     Neste rally Finland training. Brendan Reeves Australia

27.07     Neste rally Finland training. Nil Solans Spain

18-25.7  training session in Sri Lanka. Dinesh Deheragoda Sri Lanka 

17.07     training day in Finland. Nil Solans Spain

16.07     Neste rally training in Finland. Matias Kauppinen Finland

10-15.7 test to  Finnish rally championship event. Arman Smailov Kazakhstan

2-8.07   rally school in Kenya KNRC 5 (many student)

29-30.6  gravel test in Finland. G.Berezkin Russia

11-17.6  tarmac test session in Kazakhstan. Arman Smailov Kazakhsatn

4-10.06  Finnish rally championship test in Finland, Mikko Lehessaari, Arman Smailov

24.5-2.6 rally school in Nairobi Kenya (many student)

16-20.5  management in South Swedish rally.

10-13.5  training in Finland. Arman Smailov Kazakhstan

8-23.04   rally school in Kenya KNRC 3 (many student)

28.3-1.4  tarmac training in Serbia,  Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia (AMSS)

1-13.03  rally school in Kenya KNRC 2 Manvir Baryan Kenya

20-26.2  training in Finland (many student)

16-18.2  training session in Moscow. G.Berezkin Russia

10.02     snow test in Finland G.Berezkin Russia

1-6.02    rally school in Kenya KNRC 1 (many student)

30.01     training before Swedish rally in Finland. Thierry Neuville from Belgium

25-29.1  Arctic rally management in Finland 

20-22.1  Arctic rally test in Finland (many student)