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                               Rally school


Driver & co-driver coaching in your country worldwide !

Depending on your competition level we must go through weak areas of your driving to start with.

If you are a beginner it’s quite easy because we must start from very basic things.

National drivers are the most common customers for me.

Drivers in World championship level have noticed that you learn new “ tricks “ everyday , that’s why I’m dealing with them as well.


" Still not getting results you want ?"

It’s time to start organizing (1)- 2 days rally school session with me.

  Our needs:

 -          (1)-2 different test roads

 -          (similar test roads which gives you most problems on your events)

 -          your own rally car

 -          service crew

 -          ( your co-driver  to check your pace note system )

 From my side:

 -          flight tickets

 -          accommodation

 -          daily fee


During the schooling we will go through all major areas which are critical to improve your skills.

This is why I do have a long term customers who are willing to stay on right tracks !                                

This will be your next step as well !


Feel free to share this page with your friend.

Testing together with other drivers will be also your benefit to keep a cost down!


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for an offer !



Best regards,


Tapio Laukkanen